calendarCreating compassionate classrooms is something we are passionate about here at Positive Learning Communities. This time of year is so busy and filled with many things we all feel compelled to DO. However, there is always time for creating kindness and we have tried to make it easy for you to focus on small ways you can change your world and your classroom by providing this FREE downloadable Classroom Calendar.

Children need to be integrally involved in the process of compassionate action in order to understand and demonstrate true empathy. They learn through watching us and how we, as adults, handle ourselves moment to moment. Compassion is about noticing and DOING so the activities on this calendar involve observation and action. Please feel free to mix these suggestions up throughout the month or repeat activities that the students truly enjoy.

We suggest you denote “Noticing Kindness” days and “Compassion in Action” days so that you are working on specific skills together as a group. Print off the calendar, write in the ideas you like best, and copy this to send home to parents! Personalized classroom activities that promote community. Sounds perfect for the holidays!

Our hope is that these small acts of kindness will assist you in making your school the best positive learning community it can be!