Finding a Path Back to Kindness

We are committed to promoting uplifting conversations–now more than ever. In response to messages of worry from parents, teachers, and fellow educators, we put together an “Emergency Kindness Kit.”

The Emergency Kindness Kit is a set of FREE downloadable resources to help create healing communities. We all need tools for conversations about acceptance and kindness. Kids need reassurance, moments in which to practice understanding, and opportunities for expressing their emotions. Adults need tools and support and active dialogue to foster learning and make space for all viewpoints and all voices.

There are many concrete steps we can take to act mindfully, affirm others, collaborate, and empower ourselves and others with kindness, compassion, and empathy. Only by working together can we find a path back to kindness.

There is no path waiting for us—we make the path ourselves by walking it.

Caminante, no hay camino. Se hace camino al andar.
–Antonio Machado

If you are looking for…

Breathing Activities

Download this breathing exercise and make a moment each day to practice calming your body. On the first day, read the card aloud, exactly as it is written. As the days go by, begin to invite your students to help lead the breathing exercise. In doing this, you are building their internal resources, offering young people a tool to calm themselves even when an adult is not there. (download)

Calming and Centering

Download this visual reminder to breathe. Laminate it. Post it in a place that children will pass every day, like on the wall of the hallway just before they enter your room, on the classroom wall by the door as they leave the room, or on a blackboard, whiteboard, or pad of paper where you meet as a group. Make sure to take care of yourself. You are an example of self-care. Stop and remember to breathe. (download)

Examples of Positive Speech

All of us are trying to use the most positive and uplifting speech we can muster right now. These small phrases might help you to give voice to more compassion in your classroom. In this piece, we give examples of words and phrases that reassure kids and bring focus to collaboration and kindness. Hang it in a prominent place where you will see it when you need a reminder to lift up the classroom! (download)

Group Building

Involve the kids in positive group-building activities that help them move their bodies while creating welcoming spaces. Here’s a sample lesson from our Acting with Purpose™ Social Emotional Learning series. “Pass the Power” is a fun and light-hearted activity that empowers students to make the classroom a kinder and more accepting place for everyone. (download)

Loving Kindness

Increasing our ability to send love to ourselves and wish it for others allows us to feel empathy and compassion and to make connections with other people. Every faith and every positive principle reminds us to be kind to one another. Every single one. Secular or spiritual, our message should be this: We all deserve love, we all deserve kindness, and we are all in this together. Download. Laminate. Begin to heal. (download)

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