Social Emotional Learning in the general classroom


When social emotional learning is an integral part of the school day, all students are better-prepared to attend school, focus on learning, and meet academic standards.

Acting with Purpose™

Uses Acting as a platform to help students recognize the impact their own presentation may have on how others perceive them. It helps them understand the ways that social context creates expectations, and learn to make reliable inferences about what others may be thinking and feeling. Students internalize analytical skills and behavior derived from the world of the theater, and apply them to functional interactions across all social settings.

The Acting with Purpose™ series is a flexible year-long program that helps create supportive environments in which young people get perspective on difficult situations, learn to make respectful and responsible choices and prepare to adjust their choices in each social moment. The learning in this series builds Positive Learning Communities by strengthening social skills, teaching compassion, and building depth of character. Deliberately teaching these social emotional skills prepares all students to access classroom instruction, engage successfully in learning, and make progress toward academic standards and goals.


Each Acting with Purpose™ classroom kit includes:

  • SEL Resource Guide with research , PD overviews, and parent/family handouts
  • Teacher’s Planning Guide with explicit goals, objectives, scope and sequence
  • 32 durable cards with detailed instructions to lead dynamic activities and discussion
  • Six colorful posters tied directly to instruction
  • 24 Mindfulness Practice Cards that help students learn to relax and self-regulate
  • Skill stickers and other PBIS items to support positive action at home and school