Comprehensive Social Emotional Learning Curricula

All members of the school community can participate in addressing the roots of social isolation, bullying, and discrimination. With comprehensive Social Emotional Learning curricula, supplemental instructional materials, and school wide PBIS supports, everyone has a role to play in nurturing a supportive environment in which all students can engage, learn, and thrive. We are committed to promoting uplifting conversations–now more than ever. In response to messages of worry from parents, teachers, and fellow educators, we put together a FREE “Emergency Kindness Kit.”

Positive Learning Communities

Positive Learning Communities is a partnership between Teresa Dooley-Smith, an ASHA-certified Speech/Language Pathologist and renowned out-of-the-box clinical thinker, Brian Smith, a dramatic actor, theater director, classroom teacher, and member of the Actors’ Equity Association, and Lynn Yanis, a designer and educational writer who takes great ideas and turns them into compelling communication.

Teresa spent 30 years building an innovative speech pathology practice that created inspiring communities among teachers, families, and students with special needs. Ten years ago, Teri and Brian began to work together to develop and lead dynamic programs and training to use Acting as an engaging platform for activities that build character and strengthen social skills. The effectiveness of their approach attracted enthusiastic attention from teachers, students, families, and school administrators. Watch the video to see why Acting is such a powerful tool for creating positive learning communities!

In 2012, Lynn partnered with Teri and Brian. They began to codify the work, pilot-test the curriculum, and make high-quality Social Emotional Learning accessible to all educators. Together, they created an SEL curriculum that’s effective, engaging, and easy to implement.

Teachers, paraprofessionals, parents, clinicians, and ALL members of the school community can:

  • Engage students in social emotional learning
  • Facilitate access to a high-quality, research-based curriculum for ALL students
  • Achieve measurable growth in meaningful learning objectives
  • Embody mindfulness and positivity throughout the school environment

Creating Positive Learning Communities is a labor of love. For the sake of our children and their future, we hope you’ll join in strengthening the bonds and benefits of your educational community!